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Lighting Options

Dance Floor Lighting

Energize your guests with our Multi-colored lighting, elevated above the dance floor. We can provide Effects, Intelligent, and/or Laser lighting to help work your guest into a frenzy.

Custom Lighted Monogram

Your Name In Lights!

Monogram/GOBO Pattern Projectors are an affordable lighting to your event. These projectors will illuminate a wall, ceiling, or a floor with a specific name, or monogram of the Bride & Groom, together with the date of the event. Some companies use these for Corporate or Holiday functions, they are also used at birthdays, sweet 16's, and Mitzvahs!


Some clients prefer to use a pattern such as stars, butterflies, or hearts to project on the dance floor, wall, or ceiling. This is a high impact and low cost way to add a touch of elegance. Custome GOBO rentals start at $249.00 and take about three weeks to make. Color GOBOs made from glass are also available, but at a substantial cost!


Imagine what your event can look like with one of these amazing projectors!

L.E.D. Up-Lighting

Up-Lighting has been used for years by visual designers as a way to convey elegance and bring interest to a room. Today they are all the rage for events of all kinds. Advances in L.E.D. technology have made them brighter, more effecient, and affordable.


They can be programed to illuminate walls, ceilings, pillars or other objects in almost any shade of color you can imagine! They can also be set to change colors, slowly fade from one color to the next, blink in time with the music, or match the different phases of the event.


Most events will require about 8-12 fixtures. Larger venues may need 16 or more to achieve the desired atmospher. We have packages the include set-up and break-down of these lights starting at only $249.00 for 8 up-lights! Add more for only $25.00 each!

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